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Founded in 1956, in Le Mans (Sarthe), as Terrasse-Production initially, MAINE FERMETURES joined the MAINE Group in 1989 and the Group immediately set about equipping itself with new industrial means in Le Mans over 10,000 sq.m., including 3,800 sq.m. under cover.


Since 2003, it has overseen all of the Group's doors & shutters business by incorporating all of the TERRASSE-PRODUCTION, MAINE PLASTIQUES, PALLAUD and VOLTALU ranges. With a TO of some EUR 9 million (more than 30% of which is earned through supplies and installation), Maine Fermetures is a key stakeholder in the fields of new builds and property renovation.

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    Z.A. du Panorama, 2 Rue Alain Gerbault
    CS 21606
    72004 LE MANS
    Tél : +33 2 43 30 15 70
    Fax : +33 2 43 30 15 99

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